Internet of Things

Using your IoT data , we create IoT Applications  to deliver business insights.


IoT is used to assist in Environmental concerns

Integrated Marine Observing System(IMOS) uses IoT to monitor atmospheric and aquatic conditions at the reef using floating wireless sensor network to prevent Coral Reef Bleaching at Great Barrier Reef.


Drones are used in Northern  Territory to monitor the stateof NT legacy mines.


Utilities(gas,water,electricity) industry uses IoT to reduce operational costs savings .

Retail consumers of solar panels in NSW use IoT and ML enabled solutions to alter usage resulting in cost reductions


GWM water use analytics driven IoT in rural Pipeline Intelligence project


Fishery industry have started adopting IoT to combat against Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS)

Farm’s in Tasmania measure water temperature and quality to improve the health /quality of oysters against POMS

Infrastructure maintenance of buildings, bridge structures.

Roads and Maritime Services NSW uses sensor data to perform predictive-based maintenance of Darling Harbour bridge to reduce  costs/minimize interruptions to bridge traffic for maintenance.


IoT is leveraged in Agriculture production.

IoT is used to control crop conditions at Nursery plant located in Arcadia, New South Wales, Australia.


Smart City Governance

NambuccaShire Council uses smart waste bins to reduce waste collection frequency